The Popular Front for the Liberation of Kekistan is an extreme Righto-Leftist Organisation dedicated to the Liberation of the Kekistani People wherever and whenever they live, By Any Memes Necessary.
The Island Kingdom of Yap

Welcome to the on-line home of the Yap Government in Exile.

On these pages you will learn about the history of Yap, and about the current Monarch, Marshall O'Keefe. The Goverment in Exile's goal is to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the restoration of the historic Yap Monarchy, as founded by David Dean O'Keefe in the 19th Century. Use the Send Message option on our facebook page to reach the Embassy. Thanks for visiting.

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What is Yap?
Yap: A Chronology
A-F.Z.M.P. Position Paper

The Virtual Embassy of the Kingdom of Yap recommends

Pardon Francis Bacon

Terry Pratchetts Name Lives On...

Forbidden Science: HIV / AIDS
Forbidden Science: Astronomy
Forbidden Science: History / Truth Be Known
Forbidden Cult: Secrets of Elron Exposed!
Forbidden Archaeology

The Royal Yap Virtual Embassy is continually undergoing restoration and modification. Your cooperation is appreciated.
For the King:
Prinz Vogelfrei

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